Sunday, May 19, 2019

Relief to companies affected by the tariffs

It is interesting to watch China's response to the US tariffs. They provided assistance to the affected companies, so that these companies can continue to operate and keep the jobs for the workers.

They do not let these companies shoulder the brunt of the tariffs and go bankrupt.

I hope to see the assistance being implemented in an effective way. This would reflect the quality of the people in the govt.

I have seen other countries, which shall remain unnamed, implement their relief measures in a convoluted and costly manner, and does not achieve the goal. It reflects an incompetent and ineffective govt.

I have also seen other countries, that shall remain unnamed, that allows a large home grown company to go bankrupt. They do not know how to provide the relief measures.

The leaders in these unnamed countries should also watch how China deal with a bigger problem, and see if there are lessons that can be learned.

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