Sunday, September 15, 2019

Quora: What do the Chinese think about Trump and his trade war against China?

J Adams, lives in China (2015-present) Answered

I live in Guangzhou, what I sees is that most people don’t buy US goods any more. It used to be that everyone wanted goods made in the US and US brands. It wasn’t long ago that the iPhone was the number one brand cell phone here and GM was selling more cars in China that everywhere else combined. You could go to the Metro (grocery store) and buy American chicken and beef. American beer was very popular among the young and me too.

Today Chinese citizens are boycotting US brands, even knowing the brand is made in China. In stores US products have completely disappeared from the shelves, first meat and produce, now consumer goods. What Trump has done is alienated 1.4 billion consumers. It has also hurt me, the American products I could easily get before are no longer available, so I am having to switch to European brands. Not very smart on Trump’s part, but, he doesn’t seem to care!

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