Friday, May 11, 2007

How to play Logic9 (Sudoku)

Hi Mr Tan

You mention about the three tips on how to play Logic9. Does it apply to Sudoku? Where can I find these three tips?



Logic9 is the same as Sudoku. The three tips apply to Logic9 and Sudoku puzzles.

You can get the three tips from the Logic9 pocket book, which is sold in most bookstores at $5 only. You can ask the cashier to tell you where Logic9 pocketbooks are kept. They are small and may be difficult to find.

I am giving talks on these three tips at the following events:

* Ang Mo Kio Library, Sat 19 May, 3- 4 pm
* Prime of Life exhibition, Jul 17-19, 2 to 5 pm, Millenia Walk

The three tips are:

* find the missing number
* 3 box method
* eliminate the blanks

Attendance is free at these events. Mark your diary. You will enjoy my three tips. See you there!

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