Saturday, May 12, 2007

Visit Ottawa, Canada

I am now staying with a friend in Ottawa, Canada. It is the capital city of Canada.

According to a recent survey, Ottawa is the best city to live in Canada. This is based on certain criteria, such as the economy, health, low level of crime, facilities and other factors. This survey covered 50 cities.

Ottawa has a population of 700,000. 40% work for the government and related agencies. 40% work in the information technology sector. The remaining 20% work for other sectors.

I have a good impression of Ottawa.

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The Oriental Express said...

Dear Mr. Tan,

You have been coercing people to read your blog. I am afraid, you need to improve your articles somewhat. You wrote, "I have a good impression of Ottawa". In what way? You need to elalorate on the salient points to persuade readers to your view point.

Am, afraid you blog is getting too boring to justify your growing readership.

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