Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lesson from promoting Sudoku

I introduced Sudoku (Logic9) to a few participants at conference in Quebec.

All of them enjoyed my three tips on how to solve the puzzle. They have seen the puzzle before, but they did not know how to approach it. After learning the tip, they look forward to working on the puzzles.

Marketing of insurance is similar.

When people knows the basic facts about insurance, they are keen to buy the right products. They know about the importance of insurance in protecting the welfare of their family. They were suspicious about the sales pitch of the agent.

I tell them that they can buy term or accident insurance, at a lost that is less than 10% of the premium for a whole life policy. They are excited about it. They like to buy insurance.

It is also easy to convince them to save for their future needs, especially if they are offered a fair and flexible product, with a decent rate of return.

Lesson: Educate the consumer. Offer fair terms to them. You can grow your business.

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Unknown said...

Hi Mr Tan,

I have been seeing your 3 tips for logic9. Can U tell me what is the tips so that more can use it?

And can the 3 tips be used for Sudoku.

Kim Seng

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