Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Visiting North America

I shall be visiting USA and Canada for 11 days from today.

I am giving a presentation at a conference in Canada. After that, I shall visit my friends in Canada and USA. It will include a visit to the office of Vanguard Group in Pennysylvania. I am meeting the legendary, John Bogle.

During my travel, I will update my blog less regularly.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

Is your meeting with Mr Bogle a discussion on the possibility of bringing Vanguard's funds at a lower cost to the masses in Singapore? Just curious...

indexfundfan @ indextown

Han said...

I certainly hope they bring Vanguard's funds to sell directly to Singaporeans. It is disappointing that we do not have more choices in low-cost index funds.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Tan,

I look forward to your post on your meeting with Mr John Bogle. I hope it will bring good news to investors in Singapore.

Have a pleasant trip!

Anonymous said...


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Drizzt said...

Hi Mr Tan,

We hope that you can help to keep us posted on my Vanguard cannot bring in low-cost index funds to singapore. Singaporeans will greatly benefit from them.

Hope to hear their comments here man.


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