Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coverage under Medishield and hospitalisation plan

Hi Mr Tan,

My husband is covered under the Government's Medishield plan. He is also covered under my company's hospitalisation plan for which I pay only 50% of the premium. Is this double insurance? Should I continue to insure him under my company's plan?


There is double insurance for Medishield and the hospitalisation plan.

I suggest that you ask the insurer to explain to you the extent of the overlap. If the overlap is significant, there is no point for you to pay two premium. If the overlap is minor, then it is all right to keep the hospitalisation plan (as you only pay 50% of the premium).

You can see if the deductible under Medishield is covered adequately by the hospitalsiation plan.


Thomas Phua's Blog said...

There is another scenario if civil servants that enjoys medical benefit even right after retirement as they were under pension scheme.

The wife is usually also entitled to the medical benefit.

The civil servant himself obviously do not need medical insurance.

But what about the wife?

Some say yes, some say no.

No, if the civil servant outlived the wife.

Yes, for the wife as a backup, take a Medishield or PMI incase, the spouse outlive the civil servant.

When is it appropriate to take up such backup? Hopefully not too late when illness set in.

Also such Shield Plan can compliment the civil servant spouse benefit, as spouse is not covered full as well as a backup, incase spouse outlive the civil servant.

Thomas Phua

Anonymous said...

My opinion is, there is no need for the spouse of the civil servant to
buy an H&S plan. If the civil servant dies before the spouse, the spouse still has a CPF medishield which is basic and compulsory and is good enough. Don't try to insure unnecessarily. It is just an assumption that he may outlive her.On the contrary he may likely not.
Remember self insurance is another way of risk management.
Do as the rich were doing, go for C ward if the spouse has no H&S or medisave which I don't think so.

Thomas Phua's Blog said...

B2 and C ward patients in future will be subject to mean test, unfortunately, the rich will not be able to use B2 and C ward in future, currently B2 is still quite alright, but downgrade to C ward may need one to see social worker to qualify for C ward care.

Outlive or not, one has to decide themselves and consider themselves, no can can decide for them. This are very individual decisions.

Anonymous said...

What I am saying the civil servant's plan will see both to their old age. The likelihood of the civil servant dying before her spouse is lower if she is healthy now.If it is, why buy another plan. In fact the spouse has a medishield plan and this will serve as emergency if there is misjudgement. Yes the decision is individual but you must help the client to arrive at the decision by giving your opinion. This is advice.

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