Thursday, October 25, 2007

Avoid being judgemental

Many people have the habit of being judgemental. They like to declare another person's view to be right, wrong, good or bad.

I avoid being judgemental. I recognise that there are many views. Each view is suitable for its set of circumstances.

I can express my views, without having to pass judgement on other people's views. I state my views and explain my reasons. I leave it to other people to decide if they wish to accept or ignore my view.

I hope that more people can express their views without being judgemental or critical. They should avoid being engaged in personal attacks.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice! I will remember it.

benson said...

Dear Mr Tan,

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Thomas Phua's Blog said...

Yes, there is a tendency for most of us to be judgemental rather than giving benefit of doubt.

I am still learning to live and let live.

- Thomas Phua

onekell said...

Hi Mr Tan, what inspired you to post this?

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to onekell.

I find a common habit of Singaporeans to be judgemental.

In general, the Americans are different. They are positive and they accept diverse views.

I hope to make Singaporeans aware about this special characteristic.

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