Monday, October 22, 2007

Learning Powerpoint

In the past, I send the key points of my paper to a colleague to create a powerpoint.

Recently, I had to create some powerpoint myself, as my former colleague was not available. I had to learn how to use Powerpoint.

I asked an expert to show me how to create my powerpoint slides. It was quite easy to use. After a few minutes, I am able to create the slides. But they are just basic slides with words (in different sizes, fonts and colours).

I will still use an artist to do the touch-ups, add the effects and nice pictures.

Lesson: There are still many interesting things to learn, even for someone of my age.


Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

There are many short courses on Powerpoint. Some by NTUC Learning Hub. Usually grouped from Beginners to Advanced level.

I'd attended their class before. It was well taught. The price is reasonable espcially if we are union members.

Check it out...

Anonymous said...

Sir you too humble. You are not that old, especially for one who can program a sudoku puzzle. I cannot even work out the algorithm needed.

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