Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Comments in my blog

If you put up an anonymous comment in my blog, can you sign off with your actual name. This will identify you and give greater weight to your comment. Have courage. Use your real name.


ym said...

singaporeans are very scared of being sued.. i recall, a commentor urged ppl can threaten to take businesses away from banks if they do not compensate investors, and immediately, someone else said that the banks will sue him if he didnt take down his comments..

also, remember the TTDurai case, were public who made comments abt his lavishness were sued of their pants by that fraudulent schemer?

something happened on tuesday which i want singaporeans/asians to learn from - the rejection of the american banking bailout..

this shows america is a real democracy - real americans were rallying via blogs, emails, street-protest, for the law-makers and congressional leaders to stop the bailout of banks.. they even flooded fax, emails of leaders that if they voted "yes", they will not be voted out of office.. and the true americans succeeded!!

Anonymous said...

In America, where there is real democracy, the power lies with the people. In Singapore, the power lies with one party. That is the difference. This is the fault of the chicken-hearted Singaporeans who is kiasi and kiasu. Unfortunately, they are the majority. In a way, this is fortunate for the ruling party and to a certain extent, Singapore. There are good and bad about every system. If you want real democracy, then the former system is better. If you want peace in the streets, then the present system is better, however, the trade-off is freedom and democracy.

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