Saturday, October 04, 2008

Talk at NUS on 17 Oct 2008

This talk is open to the public:

Organised by NUS CSR Student Movement: Investments, Society and You :
Smart Financial Planning by former CEO of NTUC Income Mr. Tan Kin Lian.
Friday 17th October 2008, 600-830pm.
Venue: NUS Business School LT17.
To register, go to http://
For more information, please email


nhyone said...

I attended your talk today and I think you made three minor mistakes. Otherwise, it was okay. :-)

1. SGS returning 3% pa. It hasn't done so for years. I just checked and even 5-year SGS only returns 2% to 2.5% pa.

2. Decreasing term *is* available. Maybe it's not as attractive as what you said because it's not very popular.

3. Structured products should not be covered by MAS's guarantee of bank deposits.

I doubt some of the things you said will stick after the audience leave the room. For example, things like,

1. Save at least 15%. It's a spending culture and keeping up with the Joneses out there. 15% sounds easy, but it's not if you have to do it every month.

2. Buy term and invest the rest. The financial planners have just the products that are "good value".

3. Buy diversified funds, ETF and so on. People will forget about these once they are seduced by potential >10% returns.

nhyone said...

One more thing. You parked in the staff carpark, which is very expensive after the 15-minutes grace period. 10 cents per minute, I believe. I sure hope the club reimburses your parking! :-)

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