Sunday, September 28, 2008

Template: Letter to financial institution (distributor)

To CEO of (financial institution)

Name of product bought:

1. The above structured product was sold to me by your financial representative, (name), to me on (date). I invested (amount) in the product based on the recommendation of your financial representative.

2. The circumstances in which the above product was sold to me are described below:

(give details)

3. I have been a conservative, risk adverse investor. I have notified your financial representative on my situation, as described below:

(give details).

4. My investment was made on the assurance given by your financial representative that the above product was low risk, safe and suitable for me. I understand that your representative is required under Section 27 of the Financial Advisers Act to ensure that investment products are appropriate for the people that they are recommended to.

5. I lost my hard-earned savings by investing in the recommended financial product. The product clearly did not suit my risk profile. I was not made aware of the high risks involved in the financial product and was misled by your financial representative.

6. I seek fair and adequate compensaton from you for my losses.

Contact number:

7. I hope to receive your decision on my request soon.


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