Sunday, September 28, 2008

My blog will hit 500,000 visitors by 5 Oct 2008

Earlier, I projected that the 500,000 mark will be reached on 11-11-2008. With the crisis caused by the credit-linked securities, the visitors to my blog trebled in recent days. The target of 500,000 is likely to be reached by 5 October, 1 month ahead of schedule.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Tan,
Thank you very much for your personal time into helping the community during this CLS crisis.

I have come to know your blog when Minibond defaulted, and found your blog to contain lots of impartial information on many financial areas. In future, this will be my "First Stop" before I commit to any financial/insurance purchases.

You are the epitome of "Stand Up for Singapore". Most Grateful to you.

Parka said...

Cool. I hope this blog gets even more exposure to highlight how Singapore is handling this financial crisis.

In turn educating people about the risk of investments.

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