Friday, October 03, 2008

Petition to Singapore Government

I have decided to lodge the Petition early next week, one week ahead of schedule. I now have over 900 signatories. The gathering at Speaker's Corner on 11 October will still be held as planned earlier.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tan Kin Lian,

You are a strong leader! Keep it up. Consider bringing in experts like Glenn Knight who knows how to nail down conn men and artists. He has good experience and I am sure he is vying to show his talent once again. Add more fire power. Put on your blog front the other leaders assisting you.

ym said...

i am just rather surprised there arent more?.. i would think many more ppl invested in these toxic waste..

Goh Lin Seng said...

We really appreciate your time and effort in fighting for our cause. Hope all those affected will make a concerted effort to rally at Speakers Corner on 11 Oct. as unity in numbers is strength! By the way at what time will be the meeting? Thanks.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Tan,
Appreciate so much on your great help. Both my wife and I are noteholder of Minibond sold by Maybank last year, but now we're not available in Singapore. How can we list our name on the petition to the government?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Tan, appreciated very much for you to privde such a platform for all investors to meetv on 11 Oct at the Speaker corner. Please try to organise them by investment types. I notice DBS HN 5 holders are seldom write to you unlike minibond holders. Can you mention in your blog to urge all DBS HN5 holders to come forward to attend the 11 Oct 08 session and our gathering to discuss actions? I think DBS HN5 holders are there to read your blog but they don't write. Noted some readers in Zao Bao wrote in the forum but seem do not know what to do and not aware of your proposed actions. May be you can write to Zao Bao to invite them to attend your session.
from Alex Wu

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