Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Speaker's Corner 6 December, 5 - 7 pm

Speakers' Corner: 6 December, 5-7 pm.

Social Justice and Fairness
First World Country in the 21st Century
How are our poor faring?

Tan Kin Lian
1. Our society should be more egalitarian
2, Elected leaders should represent the people
Leong Sze Hian:
1. HDB – how the poor are faring and affected by HDB policies
Ravi Philemon
1. Distributive justice; especially about how our education system does not equip people to be self-reliant, but to be workers.
1. Tan Kin Lian – Update on investors' situation (if any)
2. Andrew Loh – Update on town councils' replies to residents' query


Chan J C said...

Thanks again, Mr. Tan.

See you there.

Anonymous said...

I am not a minibond or related products' investor but I am willing to listen to other voices. We need to be objective and educated (by listening to more meaningful talks) in order to know where we are heading!

Anonymous said...

Just some questions in my mind in regards to the Town Council minibond issues :

Are the mentioned Town Councils in a "Catch 22" situation ?
No matter what kind of reply they give they will be "wrong" in one way or the other.

Scenario A)
They have awareness of the risk before they "jumped" in,
then does the risk /reward ratio justify the purchase ?
* if they think that the risk/reward ratio is what they are looking for right from the beginning,
then that might let the residents start to think that the money is in the wrongs hands of people who do not know how to manage it well.

Scenario B)
They are not aware of the hidden risk in the products purchased,
then most probably they are being mis-led.
If that is the case, have their complaint to the FI's, or approach FiDrec. Or at least, we welcome them to join us at Hong Lim Park.

Usually in a "Catch 22" position,

a) you have to choose the best choice among the worst. Or to paraphrase, "take the pill that has the least side effect". Take full responsibility for the decision and choice made. Minimise the negative effect as best as one can.
b) Try to create a scenario "C" different from "A" or "B" mentioned above, using hypothetical examples that are so difficult to understand.
Standing on the "correct zone" in "C" will be like balancing on a pin head.
A little off balance, you will be self-contradicting yourself (another "Catch 22" ?).
(in Mandarin)
[Will someone be kind enough to translate it for me ? Thanks.]

Tribute to the late US President, who chopped his father tree when he was just a kid.

God Bless.

Wayangnologist said...

i dont know whether it will be this round or other future rounds, I personally feel the significant landmark meeting will be the round where everyone would finally get to hear something affirmative about legal possibilities, be it either individual or class actions cases, be it negative or positive sounding

i am anxiously awaiting that day because steam from that momentum will be very crucial to carrying this whole motion of things through a critical threshold

without it the sky remains a greyish overcast when lawyers give the worst reply they possibly can - a DEFINITE MAYBE

Anonymous said...

A good start to publicly voice concerns on wider issues.

But if you want the PAP to sit up and take things more seriously on these concerns, there is still a long road ahead.

Need to be strong to keep the momentum going and growing otherwise what has been done so far will be wasted. Hence never falter or give up in such endeavours or else it is as good as not doing at all.

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