Friday, July 24, 2009

Coverage of HK settlement

I was surprised that ther was no coverage of the HK settlement of the minibonds in the Straits Times today (Friday). I do not know if there were any coverage during the past two days. What about the other newspapers? Did they cover the HK settlement agreed between the regulators and the 16 banks?

Please help me to check your newspapers (Strait Times, Today, MyPaper, Zaobao, Wanbao) for the past few days and report your findings here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan,
The news "Payback for Investors" appeared on


Anonymous said...

Now do you believe our local press are biased?

Anonymous said...

Somehow after the confirmation of HK regulatory & FIs decided to the payout, I sense a cloud of silence in Sgp. I guess this is a very very disappointed cloud. Cannot protest, petition ignored, MAS says is not their problem. My suggestion is continue to go Hong Lim Park to keep the issue alive while blaming ourselves for believing in the govt and MAS for so long.....It will be even crazier if Taiwan succeeded in getting something for the investors....

Anonymous said...

Well it will be interesting, if Taiwan able to refund back investors in amount higher than Singapore. Let see how the whole issue unfolds.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Can someone check your newspapers and post a report here? Do make the effort and help with the research. Do not leave it to me to do most of the work.

Junyang said...

I did a search on an electronic news archive database that covers Business Times Singapore Or Business Travel News (Singapore) Or Channel NewsAsia Or The Edge Singapore Or NNA - Singapore Edition (Japanese Language) Or Singapore Management Review Or Straits Times Or TODAY (Singapore) Or Business Times Singapore Or Singapore Business Federation Or Singapore Business Review Or Singapore: New Media, Politics & the Law Or TODAY (Singapore).

I searched for articles with the term "Hong Kong" appearing alongside "Lehman" in the last week.

I only manage to find:-

1. Today (23 July 2009) - HK unveils $1.1b plan to pay back Lehman investors.$1,1b-plan-to-pay-back-Lehman-investors

2. Straits Times Online (22 July 2009 ) - Payback for investors.

3. Straits Times Online (22 July 2009) - US$800m payback for investors

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