Thursday, July 23, 2009

Petition to Prime Minister (5)

389 people have signed the Petition and provided their full particulars. This is much better than the optimists (including me) had earlier hoped. Our initial target was only 300 signatures. Some pessimists poured cold water on this effort.

Please help to get more people to sign the Petition and achieve the new target of 1,000 signatures.


Anonymous said...

Since Hongkong newspaper has already confirmed that the minibonds investors will get 70% at least and those took the compenstation early can get the difference back. Should we update this news in our petition?

Tan Kin Lian said...

I am not at liberty to change the wordings of the Petition, which has already been signed by 400 people. I will add an appendix to the Petition to update the situation at that time. But, the Petition, to ask for a settlement similar to Hong Kong, is still intact.

Anonymous said...

Can we gathering to Honglin Park act as Hongkong people? Something like a demonstration but legally.

We should call up all investors, compensated or not compenstated, all to come.

Anonymous said...

Bring your spouse and your children. Let them know why you are there for. Tell them frankly that you have lost a bundle of your savings for their education just because daddy/mommy invested in a trusted product for a little higher return and now everything is wiped out under your nose while our high paying ministers said we have to go thru a long process to fight your cause.

Anonymous said...

MAS ignored your previous petitions. They will continue to ignore this one. Not to discourage this gathering, I think we are there to continue to remind the public how badly MAS handle this crisis and irresponsible the FIs and the Banks are.

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