Friday, July 24, 2009

Unsightly flyover in the center of town

Do you know where it is? Check here.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought they were running the sky train like sydney but it turned out to be some kind of flyover.

A Singaporean said...

According to LTA, this flyover is only temporary, and will be taken down when the Downtown Line construction is done.

Anonymous said...

I thought it's a flyover for motorcycles and bicycles, it's really narrow for cars or lorries to travel on it.

It makes me think of some small flyovers in KL.

1st world country, 3rd world flyover?

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Tan
You are a good example of what it means to be a loyal citizen taking action to make a participatory democracy work.

America and Americans will certainly welcome your energy and talents.

It's a big world out there. I hope you will find your place in the sun.

A Singaporean said...

I recall that LTA built this flyover under the "lane for lane replacement" scheme because the DTL construction will eat up some lanes of the road. I wonder, why the need to build such an expensive structure only to be torn down a few years later? This contrasts with the NEL Chinatown station construction when one whole road was closed. Both construction projects are in the same general area. BTW, the LTA website contains news release archives containing a wealth of information regarding their projects.

To July 25, 2009 1:45 PM: If I remember correctly, motorcycles are prohibited from using this flyover.

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