Friday, July 24, 2009

CPF Life

There are some comments about CPF Life. I will be doing some research about it and will write my views later. If you have specific offers for CPF Life, please send them to me for analysis.


Anonymous said...

There is a good stuff here and yet there are many complaints. It is really hard to please them. These people want 'fresh and big and cheap' and if possible including a baby. In fact they are getting but they cannot see.
They need insurance agents to deal with them , to hustle , to con them and to cheat them and they don't even know that they have been conned.Even they know after that what can they do? A few barks at the most and with their tail between their hind legs resigned to it.
This is the sorry and pathetic state of consumers. They question the best annuity but do they question the rotten whole life , or endowment or annuity they bought from their 'trusted' insurance agents? Is it a wonder that many of the consumers cannot retire without adequate funds?
Anyway, these consumers are always barking up the wrong tree.

Resigned too.

hongjun said...

Mr Tan,

Appreciate your time and effort on the research.


Anonymous said...

Response to Anon of July 24, 2009 10:01 AM

Are you barking up the right tree?

Have you asked the fundamental question? What causes your so-called "complaints" in the first place? Give you a hint: Who is locking up peoples money even when they have reached retirement age?

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