Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This cartoon would be considered as defamatory in Singapore. It is why Singaporeans learn to shut their mouth. How sad. We breed a nation of people without courage or character.


Anonymous said...

In S'pore, anything that is even remotely hinting of MIW's incompetence is "defamatory" in the eyes of our judges!!

MIWs are saints that descended from heaven to rule S'pore.

Anonymous said...

speak only if u have money

Anonymous said...

What do you expect of kangaroo justice?

Vincent Sear said...

This cartoon wouldn't be defamatory in Singapore unless you change the croupier's name tag to something else that's...errr...considered defamatory in Singapore...errr...most Singaporeans should know what without needing spelling out.

Anonymous said...

Govt's actions over the last 50 years have transformed a society that operates on a You Die Your Business framework. The people's attitude is also You Die Better Than I Die.

This is better known as Kia Su, Kia See. Hence everybody just keeps their mouth shut, mind their own business, concentrate on earning money or just surviving.

Anonymous said...

Defence of Capitalism?

Anonymous said...

Money is everything.

The belief that people are driven by passion ( in Singapore ) is a fallacy.
Remember, its pay & pay ? and we DO pay for people who otherwise will turn corrupt and will join Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, leaving us completely to the fools and the incompetent.

Was Changi Airport built for function?
Was Temasek born out of passion?
Was ERP built for distribution of wealth?
Was INCOME created for you and I?


IBA logic said...

defamation is a convenient MIW strategy to suppress the truth,
and made foolproof using kangaroos to provide legal wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The relevant question to ask for Singapore is whether investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Merril Lynch, Lehman Brothers are similarly guilty as Golman Sach in creating the MiniBbonds & Pinnacle Notes of this world. I wouldn't discount this possibility as they all operate as a herd as can be seen in the close similarities of their respective products. Shouldn't our authorities have a fiduciary duty to look into this?

Anonymous said...

In north korea, burning of a newspapers, currency or paper bearing the photo of Kim Il Sung is death penalty. The world is not short of crazy regimes.

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