Friday, April 30, 2010

Election into Parliament

Read this article by Yoong Siew Wah.

My comment
I prefer a system where every constituency elects its own member of Parliament. I do not like the changes to the Constitution that were made during the last 20 years, especially the concept of GRC. It makes our system quite complicated and reduces the accountability of the elected person to the voters.


Anonymous said...

The rule is simple - Win at all cost. If GRC delivers then it will be with us for a long, long time.

J said...

After reading this article, I thought a bit and remembered Wong Kan Seng's words to Low Thia Khiang:

"What the government or the PAP tries to do in this situation is not to have its cake and eat it. We are trying to make the cake bigger and give you a piece of it!"

What I see of WP's arguments is that they would prefer getting a piece of the cake in a different way. They want the GRC abolished instead, and couldn't care about the NCMPs and NMPs.

On NCMPs, the article highlighted that NCMPs do not represent a constituency, and they have no voting powers.

On NMPs, we have the question of who chooses the NMPs. If they were somehow chosen by the PAP, they can't be 'opposition' in any way.

Vincent Sear said...

Talking Point Debra Soon invited NSP Sec-Gen Goh Meng Seng to talk about it earlier this afternoon. On the PAP side was Alvin Yeo SC, MP Hong Kah GRC and Gillian Koh, Sr. Research Fellow IPS.

The program will be aired on CNA this Sunday, May 2, 10:10PM.

ZhuKoLiang said...

jiayou Mr Tan

Anonymous said...

The ruling party fully away GRC and NMP etc is the way to go in their favour, knowing well should they revert to single wards, they are bound to loose at least 30% or more. Maybe the oppositions etc should consider having online petition asking to revert to single wards. Well GRC is one area where they can even put low profile candidates in even without being elected. We can see right now, maybe election round the corner the MPs are giving the keeping agencies busy especially the police in areas of legal monet lending, loan sharks, hourly hotel etc etc. Why now? Law aware and sleeping, now act only on MPs call to show that the MPs are working

Very sad

Anonymous said...

This GRC and nmp thing sucks???

It violates the basic principles of democracy of selecting all lawful representations to the parliament by its people.

We know the PAP is self serving aim to maintain its perpetual power but this is done at the expense of the nation which is very irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Forget about NMP and GRC. What's the point when there is no way to change it in the short term.

Is this a strategy to distract and get the opposition or the main stream from focusing on the real issues like high cost of living, high number of foreigners to the extend causing PMETS lose their jobs, high social cost on Gambling while it makes unemployment rate looks good, High cost of HDB and Cars, crazy ministers' salary and they are going to ask for more etc.

Let NMP and GRC go, don't drag into this discussion as there is no end and no one can change the present arrangement.

"For things that you cannot control, don't bother"

So what if your argument is 100% correct and super rational. Will the Parliment will change it? The only way to change it is to have the 3 x Ms agreed to it. Will they agreed to changing something that they initiated? Same goes to electing a $3.5 million President. Will the 3 x Ms remove this need when the whole Sgp knows that this exercise is a total waste of money when the President is not ready doing what other countries' President are doing.

So, move on and focus on the real issues which the opposition will gain more support than get stuck on some dead-end issues which the Opposition has neither control or say over it.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
My observation so far is whether it is a Single Ward or a GRC,the result is still what the peoples want.If it is peoples's will,then whatever situation it is,the peoples will decide who they want.
So come election,peoples will decide who they prefered to be their Member of Parliament.
So it is Peoples' will that rule.

a citizen

Anonymous said...

The result can never be what the people want because of PAP's suppression of political competition through bankrupting of oppositionists, walkovers, electoral gerrymandering, judiciary that is beholden to the executive, and a lapdog media.

Such a result is the will of the PAP, not the people.

Anonymous said...

Do you belief in this simple statement ?

"Where there's a will, there's a way"

Look at the past happening in Indonesia and Philippines.Where are those mighty men who once upon a time rule their countries like a king?I strongly belief in Peoples'will.These peoples who love their countries and families will stay behind to do good for the country.
Thailand will be in deep troubles if the Reds con't to demonstrates in the city,Bangkok.
We want our country to progress so that our children can work and play here.


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