Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Focus of TKL blog

The focus of this blog, as stated in the header, is "insurance, finance and current affairs in Singapore". I wish to cover all three topics to be best of my ability. I appreciate the contribution of readers who direct me to other blog postings that are relevant to my blog.

My blog is aimed at the 2,500 daily visitors who find it to be useful and relevant to them.

Some people disagree with the views posted in my blog. They are welcomed to give your views, but should avoid engaging  in personal or malicious attacks. If they do not like the focus of my blog, they do not need to visit this blog. (Note: I continue to get malicious attacks regularly from two persons, and have blocked their comments).

Tan Kin Lian


Hermit said...

Kin Lian, you are doing just fine. Ignore those trolls who attack you.

I have only about 100 to 200 visitors per day, but because I hold strong views, my blog gets attacked too. Most of the time they spam me with links which I have to delete manually, because I don't switch on the moderation button.

I suppose that is part of blogging. We just have to live with immature people who can't accept views which are different from theirs.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who are these two attackers. Most probably from the PAP who may be too free and busybody. Can you reveal who they are? We will attack them too.

Anonymous said...

We suspect people who post malicious or threatening comments are the ones in the brokerage profession, or those who are staunch supporters of the Govt who are monitoring blogs on behalf of their "bosses" to gather information and feedback.
Just ignore such pests. The more we pay attention to them, the more they are gleeful. They are not even worth mentioning in your blog at all.

Tan Kin Lian said...

These two people (one runs a large insruance company and the other is a cranky person) continue to levy personal attacks and insults. They must posted more than 50 attacks each.

I recognise their style of writing and delete their posting just by looking at the header (first line of their message). They can spend a few minutes to write their insults, but I take 5 seconds to delete it.

Anonymous said...

Runs a large Insurance Company? You meant to tell me this fellow so free? Looks like a very stress free job and highly paid.

Tan Kin Lian said...

It does not take too much time to go to somebody's else blog and post rubbish to create mischief and to give personal attack.

michael said...

Leave them alone is the best approach. Let's agree to disagree. Sad to note that Singapore has made very little progress in the field of social grace for the past four years(we are not better off). TKL's blog has been playing an important role in enhancing it since launch - February 8, 2007.

Anonymous said...

hi, just a curious question. may i know when the website count the number of visit per day how does it work? means let say if a person with the same ip address visit the blog 3 times a day, it is counted as 3 or counted as 1? i do not have a blog therefore i ask. thank you.

Anonymous said...

when people post is their ip address shown? if the ip address is the same should be from same person right?

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to 6:56 pm
If the same visitor comes 3 times a day, it is counted only once. I have tested for my visits. It does not increment when I visit again and again.

I do not know how they keep track of the unique visitors, whether through the IP address or through the machine address.

Reply to 6:59 pm
The ip adderss can be traced - to my knowledge. But the ip adderss point to the Internet Service Provider and not to the actual user.

Anonymous said...

Kin Lian

I like to thank you for setting up the blog and providing good and useful information to the public.

This is real public service.

Anonymous said...

Your attackers are likely to come from ntuc becuase the blog has exposed their products and unethical practices. They are not happy. Instead of rebutting they resort to attack.Their attack only proves the blog is right about their products and the ways their agents sold them.
It is not unexpected that they will attack you again.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Please do continue with your blog.
Many people have benefited from it, including myself.

Thank you for helping the people.

Anonymous said...

These are the ungrateful ntuc agents who have forgotten the past and are now biting the hand that fed their family and sent their children to the U.They have become greedy and sucking up to another.

Anonymous said...

"one runs a large insruance company", if it is that Malaysian salesman then now I know why he does not answer to his policyholders emails since he is too busy writing rubbish in other peoples' blog.
Our govt really very bad at HR practices, often get the wrong people to do the job. e.g. Dr Ng Eng Hen should be minister for health instead of for education. In this case they got a salesman to manage our cooperative and turn it into a wayang show. He is good only to stage a show. I laugh when I saw him shaking hands with a policyholder when he normally does not even answer to policyholders' email or telephone calls. It is so obvious that his frequent advertising using policyholders money with the media is paying him back by sending a photographer and giving him space in the newspapers to wayang his wares. Also I wonder who gets 500 dollars bonus, I think no one but it is splash in the newspapers like real. Most policyholders only get 25 dollars. Another example of the cunning of this FT! Now he is sounding the gong and hoping our gong gong govt will promote him to some important position. I hope we have a change of govt in the coming election and the new govt can purge us of these foregin leaches.

Hiei said...

Reply to TKL @ May 11, 2010 8:00 PM.

I think if a person visit your web-page 3 times, it is counted as 1 only if he did not clear his cache. If he did, then it will be counted as 3. Some people configure the browser such that it clears the cache and history once the browser close.

Anonymous said...

It's not possible to satisfy everyone's needs.只要问心无愧。

Anonymous said...

i see we can help mr tan hit 2 million visitors faster by clearing the cache.

if mr tan blog can hit 5 million before next election then i guess pap may be afraid

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