Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feedback on Business Simulation Game

Click here for more details of the Business Simulation Game (BEST)

AA: it's a fun and interesting game, and we can learn about business planning from playing it.

HMW: I noticed there are a few parameters, namely unit price, capacity, expenditure on marketing. I tried a premium pricing strategy, i.e. high price for high margin, and correspondingly putting a higher marketing expenditure and reducing capacity. The performance was dismal. Incurred big losses.

JA: Best Global is not only fun and interactive, it also allow us to develop good practical business sense. Some strategies, which I personally found quite useful.

a. Set the right price that generates sufficient margin to cover our overheads + some modest profit. Excessive price undercutting may gain us market share but at the expense of our overall profitability.

b. Over investment in infrastructure and over recruitment (capacity) is expensive. Manage our expense well.

c. Understand the market. If the market is not doing so well (i.e. in the red), we may wish to consider reducing our market share by increasing our price and reducing our capacity.

AG: Good and very user friendly.The guide is very informative and useful.  Overall the interface is much better than what we had previously. I also see new elements like capacity, market share and profitability which makes it more interesting.

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