Sunday, May 09, 2010

Free lance "sales manager"

I searched for a GPS tracker from the Alibaba website and found many suppliers in China. I sent an e-mail to a few suppliers. I received two replies on Sunday from the same person, replying on behalf of two different companies in Shenzhen.

I suspect that this person is a freelance "sales manager" whose role is to reply to inquiries.  It seems to be an entrepreneurial approach and also excellent customer service. I hope that companies in Singapore adopt the same approach and employ such "sales managers". It will create job for unemployed people.


Anonymous said...

This is a middle-man service, in which there will be a commission charged for every sale conducted. If just to answer questions and help you fill up some forms, why bother?

As others has said before in the blog, for commissions based service, it is natural people will always recommend the one that earns the high comm.

If you want cheap, it would be better to go direct to the manufacturers. Get a few quotes from the manufacturers directly and bypass the middleman.

Unless the middleman can do it for free.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Actually, I am approaching the manufacturer to buy direct. I am not going through a middleman.

The manufacturer engage this "sales manager" to anser inquires and find the suitable product. The manufacturer has many products, so the buyer needs to know which product is suitable for their needs.

The buyer is able to check from several sources and get the product that offers an attractive price, relative to the quality. The manufacturers are quite transparent about the specification of their product and the pricing.

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