Monday, May 10, 2010

Bank charges

I have to pay USD100 to Hong Kong. The bank charge $20 for cable charge and $10 for handling fee. Western Union (through the Post Office) also charge $30. This amounts to 20% of the amount to be paid. I asked the supplier to collect by credit card or Paypal. I hope that they agree.


Anonymous said...

i use paypal frequently for purchase of goods through the ebay

i have found it very reliable and the exchange rate is acceptance

paypal is very convenient and i foresee greater usage and popularity

i am not sure what is the transaction costs, as i am always the buyers and never the seller. i suppose the seller is charged a transaction fee. Even so, i think the transaction fee should be cheaper for cable/credit card charges


hosingping said...

seller don't want to pay a fee for paypal and credit card transaction. so instead, incur charges for only the buyer

Anonymous said...

Try your best to avoid transacting through banks, they are only concerned with big business. ( same with Singtel ) For small businesses and self employed , we have to manage our costs. I open accounts in KUL, HKG, LON, SYD, all with internet facilities and check book.

Perhaps when you next plan a holiday or business trip, bring some extra cash with you and open bank accounts in places where you are likely to revisit or have business dealings.

The only concern is if you should leave this earth and your estate wants to extract the monies.. it may cost heavily.. legal fees, etc.
Otherwise you could have it in joint names with your children or spouse. But I am sure you know what to do.

Tan Kin Lian said...

The supplier was able to accept payment through Paypal. I have sent the payment and save SGD 30 on bank charges. It is also more convenient.

Anonymous said...

moneygram might another option to check..

Anonymous said...

Banks are reporting ever bigger profit. Whaere do you think they made the money from?

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2010 3:28 PM

Hi, when you transfer fund to oversea accounts, don't it incur charges?

Anonymous said...

i also like the earlier forumer, opened bank account in the countries i will transact with, no crossborder transfer..just tt within the same country..

mr tan, if u want a personalised 'remittance' services at cheaper convenient arrangemnt can contact me...on a personal level..

Anonymous said...

Paypal deducts 4% off the amount you pay to the Merchant. For small amount, Paypal is cheaper but for large amounts (>$1000), that 4% can be more than TT charges.

Anonymous said...

Please confirm with the banks of your intention before you open overseas account thinking that they will not charge you wire fee across international borders. Some banks may operate under the same name, but they are independent from each other with regards to individual accounts. You can transfer from your local to overseas account, but they will still charge you a fee, and a maximum amount allowable for "non premium" customers.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Many products are bought over the internet using Paypal or credit card as the mode of payment. Manufacturers are used to getting payment through T/T or Western Union. With the high charges through these sources, they can now get paid through Paypal as well.

In my case, I am buying 1 product for testing, so it is all right to pay through Paypal. I suspect that the person receving it is the sales manager on this personal account. In turn, he can pay the company in cash.

Parka said...

I was once charged Euro50 for cashing an Euro cheque. That's Deutsche bank for you.

Not justifiable in any sense.

Jim said...

Hi Mr.Tan,

You can consider using DBS Online T/T Service if you have an account with the bank and need to send a few thousand dollars.

This is because there is waiver of handling fee of $10 or more ($10 is for less than S$8,000) if done online.

Also saves time in going to bank.

You only pay for telex fee of $20, instead of $30 for the walk-in service.

Hope this tip is useful to you.


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