Sunday, May 09, 2010

Life today compared to four years ago

This article by Lucky Tan compares life in Singapore now and four years ago.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, as a result of the high influx of foreigners since the last election in 2006 has increased extreme pressure on housing, healthcare and transport.

In the recent live UK election debate, the candidates from the three main political parties promised the voters that they will tighten the immigration rules when elected. Here is the link to the debate on the immigration issue in the first 13 minutes.

I think Singapore is following the UK footstep of allowing high and uncontrolled immigrants and we will have to pay the prize in the years to come just like what happen in the UK now.


Concerned said...

Compared to four years ago, almost everything are more expensive, except labour are cheaper, faster and better

michael said...

When the former US President Ronald Reegan(1981-1989) campaigned against his opponent Jimmy Carter(1977-1981) in 1980. He asked all Americans the same question that 'were you better off than four years ago'. A resounding 'NO' - the Americans responded. At that time, the United States' infation rate was at an average of 12.5% and besides the economic issues, the country was facing many other problems and challenges, e.g. 52 hostages held by Iran, loss of confidence and serious social ills, etc.. The real power belongs to people.

Anonymous said...

To be now is definitely NOT better than it was many years ago........not just in Singapore, but all over the world.

Many years ago, having a degree is enough to land someone a comfortable job and life. Now, degrees are as common as flies in a dirty backlane.

It is all because the world's population has grown by leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, resources, land, food, fuel etc are fast dwindling.

Thus.......only the lucky, wealthy few will find their lives better, while the majority will not.

Nevertheless, we should also look at the standard of living. Even the royalties of long ago did not have flush toilets,air-con, Panadol, flights to other countries etc.

So can we really compare lives then and now?

One thing I found most disturbing:
Our lives now, lack meaning. Most of us are simply surviving from day to day, till our eventual demise......even the wealthy are doing so, only they do so in style.

Anonymous said...

I would say definitely 'No!' Older jobless people who do not yet qualify to withdraw cpf monthly find difficulty surviving. My fren, younger than 55, lost her job when Lehman Bros went belly up. Fren has been surviving on short-term contract jobs. Stress! Stress! Stress! All the time. While working she has to look for work 'cos short-term contract short. She was wondering about longevity too. "Can I really live to ripe old age? Now already life so tough!"

debt free! said...

debt free by age 45.. and your life becomes heaven.. earn passive income of $2000 a month for 12 months.

No boss, no late hours , no rush for MRT and buses with wet hair.

Just pay for utilities, taxes,food and medical..

Income from: shares with good dividends
Income from rental of rooms.

Greek crisis, Intergrated resorts,
Job credit, taxis, F1.. STI up or down.. completely unaffected.
Vote opposition, vote PAP, debate over insurance merits, unaffected.

Be debt free by 45.. is priority #1

all else can wait.. I can wait another 25 years to buy my bunglow.
whats the hurry? Too old to enjoy it? Not if you saved and paid it all in cash.. by that time the bunglow will cost you less than $800,000.

Anonymous said...

Life is better 4 yrs ago whereby, you could buy condos much cheaper than now. There is no upside to see or make money these days!
The 5Cs are no longer ones reach!

J said...

Thanks Merlion (May 09, 2010 10:46 PM) on the post on the youtube video on the UK election debate on immigration!

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