Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Signs at MRT stations

The most important signs at a train station are the "Platform No" and the "Way Out" signs. In most train stations in other cities, these signs are large, standardised and are easily seen. At our MRT stations, these signs are small and non-standardised.  We have signs that show "Exit" and other signs that show "Way Out".

I hope that our signs can be standardised and displayed in large signs at a prominent place. This will be helpful to visitors and tourists, who are not familiar with our MRT system.


Anonymous said...

Whilst travelling in MRT train, I came across a group of Caucasians presumedly English, in the train laughingly pocking fun when the announcement made "Please mind the platform gap" It should be "Please mind the gap"

Charles said...

What is most important in our MRT stations is displaying advertising on plasma TVs (!!)

Anonymous said...

The situation is worst at Doby Guat
interchange, where direction signs are few and confusing, making the first time visitor losing his way easily, and worst of all, all are in English only.

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