Sunday, June 20, 2010

Comment moderation

When I moderate the comment, I can read the first line of all the comments that have been posted. From the first line, I am usually able to detect the znonymous comments of the two vile persons who keeps making personal attacks against me.  I know these two persons as being a top manager of an insurance company (or an insurance agent working for him) and a cranky unemployed person.

I delete their comments without reading the rest of the comments.

I write this blog to educate the public about investment and insurance, to select the fair products and to avoid the over-priced products. Insurance and land banking agents who dislike my views are not welcomed in this blog. They can promote their views in their own blogs or facebooks.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

I can guess where they are from .They are from your former company.Their business is affected by the negative but true comments about their products in this blog.
You are right to stop them. You have moral obligation to expose them and their products which con the public.
This is the price to pay when you fight against the malpractices in the market but it is worth it.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Somebody claimed that I block comments that disagree with my views, even though they are not from the vile persons.

I do not know if the vile person is posting these comments. If you see their nonsense, you will know why I have to block all of them. They are terrible people.

I have comments from Rex and VS Lingam that disagree with my views. I know these people to be sincere and genuine and have posted their views. They posted their views without making any personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Some ntuc agents are angry at you for exposing them and their products.
They also make fun of you for championing the cause of the minibond victims at Hong Lim Park.
These people were people whom you helped and who sucked up to you too in the past. They now bite the hand that fed them, their family and sent their children to the U.
They are ungrateful. They now sing praises of the new management for giving them high commission and lots of incentives to sell .They are motivated by gifts, incentive trips and all money earned for selling especailly con products.They forgot somebody got to pay for them and that somebody is their client.
Is it wonder the products give horrible return?
This is the culture and fair dealing outcome is about them and not the customers. It is zero sum game.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Someone, using the name of "Young Singaporeans, claimed that he is just posing a different opinion in my blog.

I believe that this is the same vile person who is using an pen name. If this is a sincere person, he can send an e-mail to

It is no fun to moderate a blog when we have bastards that continue to make personal attack under an anonymous name or a pen name.

Anonymous said...

mr.tan, i support u 100% but u must remain calm and not be affected by them. u have done good to many people but u cant please 100% of people. keep up the gd work.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan, I dont think you should let fucking bastards like them to distract you for doing a good job. I certainly have learned a lot. I now even understand how Credit default swap works and how linked notes work though it is a bit late as I have lost a big portio of my wealth through investing I thought was safe investment in minibond and pinnacle notes. What to do as I went in with eyes opened big big according to anthority! I was too trusting the big names.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I have received more than 200 personal attacks from these two vile persons (bastards). Sometimes it is 3 to 5 every day. I learn to delete them without reading, but it is still quite tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Seen those attacks before when you let those comments through.
So no worry, and I thank you for your work.

Anonymous said...

Rex comments as follows,

Actually i don't see the point for Kin Lian in publishing this particular thread at all. It is a housekeeping matter of the Blog owner.

We don't want to know.

The blog owner has the prerogative to do what he wants and has no requirement to justify himself publicly. It could be more productive to paste a blog moderation policy statement at the blog Header or front page, take it or get lost.

Finally I end this comment with an advice: ancient wise chinese proverb: 言多必失. Be careful and take care.


Anonymous said...

Some of these ntuc people were people who recieved help from you in the past they now 3-leg the new management.Ungrateful, right? New management more commission and more incentives, more advertisments easier to sell.

J said...

Hi Mr Tan, if you are attracting such attention, you must be doing something right!

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to Rex:

My purpose of posting this blog is to tell the two vile persons not to waste their time. I am able to detect their rubbish by reading the first line of their postings and delete them immediately. I do not even need to view their full comments.

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