Saturday, June 26, 2010

Separation from Malaysia

Here are some views about the historic occasion 45 years ago, and some speculation about the future.


Anonymous said...

Let's get the floods under control in Singapore first. Malaysia may not want to pay for our flooding problems in an enlarged political union.

Anonymous said...

Look to me that LKY is taking all the credit for himself into his grave. Even Goh Keng Swee can be sacrificed in his political game all these years. His leopard spot is out for all to see. He is no gentleman but a crook.

Hermit said...

There are some who think that LKY orchestrated the separation. I belong to that group of people.

Did LKY Lie We Were Kicked Out of Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

PAP then was hoping that it could be the replacement for MCA. In fact The real rivalry was between MCA and PAP. Tan Siew Sin was very unhappy with LKY. He was related to Goh keng Swee. So could Tan Siew Sin be the instigator to the separation?

Anonymous said...

I believe we should discuss the revealation even headed.

Maybe someone might want to go through, Goh's, Tunku's, Lee's and archive to reconstruct this historical event.

I doubt It was purely Goh's decision. I believe all part takers somehow gave their consents through body languages, silence or words. Afterall it was a monumental decision to leave Malayna Union.

Could someone tell me how LKY going to gain through this revealtion? Singapore is a developed country now and this showed that Goh's decision was right if he was the one who made the decision.

yeokh said...

So much water under the bridge. The details are of interest to historians but the root reason is still the different political philosophies of the two sides -- the championing of bumiputera rights vs a multi-racial Malaysia.

The countries separated. Time clearly shows (for now anyways) which policy is better.

In a sense, we are still together in a loose sense within the larger configuration that is ASEAN.

Anonymous said...

LKY's eulogy still does not answer the question of who orchestra the separation.
To me, it seems like Goh KS was tasked to do the dirty job.
If public opinion, at only point of history, favors it, then the old man gets the credit. Like what he has been getting all these years. But when times are shaky and people starts to question the wisdom of the separation, then our poor Goh KS had unilaterally did it. How dubious to bring it up only now, with nobody around to verify or defend it.

Anonymous said...

Me believes that Dr Goh had to be the One that cut Singapore off from Malaysia(or was it Malaya then?). My hunch is that Dr Goh did not covet to run a larger country, he never cried at the Divorce of Singapore from Malaysia. Dr Goh; me thinks did not have the ambition, he was more focussed on developing Singapore into a better place to live in.

Above is just my personal view.


Anonymous said...

Separation or No Separation, Emigration is the top choice of many younger generations....Had it been No Separation, the exodus to emigrate would be as big as what is today!........the minorities in Malaysia, are really getting fed up.

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