Friday, June 25, 2010

The Awakening

Read this inspiring article.

Some key points:
- stop judging and pointing fingers
- honesty and integrity are the foundations to build a life
- stop trying to control situations, people an doutcome


Anonymous said...

That applies to you also. Don't point your cock to others.

You have no integrity and credilbility, how to advise people. We don't trust your shit.

Only a hypocrite talks that.

Anonymous said...

yeah! such a hypocrite! first time seeing an insurance agent breaking is own rice bowl with bad remarks about the insurance industry but in the end wants people to buy your book! WTH you trying to prove here man?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I guess I really do more read up than put trust on agents these days.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear.
I really must make it a point to buy and read Mr Tan's book on financial planning.

Judging by the reaction. Truth hurts.

Lisk said...

oh shut up! Guess the article didn't do any of you any good.

Anonymous said...

Reply to anonymous @ 10:07 AM and 12:56pm,

if you two are unhappy with Mr Tan's blog why don't you just go and visit other blogs or some porn sites which may make you happier?

Life is short. Why make it shorter by living in anger everyday?


yeokh said...

The article is fairly interesting, except that I don't agree with the last line.

Why suddenly bring God into the picture?

This raises more questions than answers and only plunges one into stupor again.

What is God? Which god? Or gods? Does god, whatever and however we conceive it to be, need to be worshipped?

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