Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rechargeable torchlight with locator lamp

Watch this video on the special features of this torchlight. The torchlight ($6.50) can be ordered here.


silverybay said...

The locator light is to help me find the touch in the darkness.

But how am I suppose to locate the torchlight in darkness before I can even turn on the locator light???

Maybe the body of the tourch light should be made of luminous material that it glows in the dark so that it shines brightly if there's a power failure.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to 4:24 pm
you turn on the locator light at night before you go to sleep. It consumes low energy.

yeokh said...

The torch is a great buy. I have a similar one without the locator lamp. It is available at Japan Home for $4.90.

Anonymous said...

I bought this torch, it is good, as b4 I sleep I turn the locator light on, as during the night I have a tendency to get up to look for the time, I can see the torch and use it to shine at the wall clock in my room.
Takes very little energy, easy to recharge. ( Buying another for my brother )

Anonymous said...

There are a wide range of made in China torchlights that are truly powerful and of military grades selling at 10% or less the prices of those made in US. They are extremely handy and use standard 2A and 3A batteries.

Visit the shops above the Beach Rd Hawker Centre(opposite Golden Mile) to pick yr choices. Some torchlights do not even need battery, press a handle and the light comes on, very good as a standby light in case of blackout and no worry of battery leak.

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