Friday, June 25, 2010

Late submission of critical illness claim

Dear Mr. Tan,
My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer stage three in 2007. At that time, we did not realised she had a ILP with X and critical illness cover was attached to the plan. We shifted house in the process and only realised the policy existence when we went back to collect our mails. The fact is the policy is still in force because the cash value is being taken to finance the policy, including of its critical illness cover.

Now X is asking us to furnish a memo explaining why we made the claims so late. I'm concerned whether X will make good the claim because its a genuine oversight on our part.

Can you advise me on how we should revert to X and honestly in your opinion, do you think the chances of us getting the claim is good?
You can state your facts honestly, that you were not aware about the insurance policy previously. You made the claim as soon as you realised that there was a cover. I think that X should accept your claim. If they reject it, you can consult a lawyer.


Anonymous said...

Ya , just tell you forgot and overlooked.. you need not to prove anything.You have medical report to prove that you were diagnosed with cancer.

Anonymous said...

Hope your wife has speedy recovery and X insurance company honour the policy.

C H Yak said...

Based on the Singapore Limitations Acts, it should be still effective as a claim within 6 years.

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