Sunday, June 20, 2010

Town Councils and MPs

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C H Yak said...

Recently, the PAP govt came up with a set of criteria to measure town council performance and released the Town Council Report.
UQ from article.

The report came up for 2 good reasons...

(a) there was an incident in Tanjong Pagar GRC in which a Malay girl suffered injuries due to a metal railing which had corroded.

(b) loss of investment in structured products.

Obviously the report that first came up addressed the first ... Tanjong Pagar is amongst the best.

Secondly, it helps to "patch-up" grounds for the investment saying the TC are well managed in other aspects.

Anonymous said...

We have better things to do than reading this town council performance report. The results do not reflect my experience at all.

My estate is one of the top 3 runners. If the cleaner does not show up for half a day, the common area is like a war zone without fail. I reported a spoiled light in the corridor which took 1 month to replace and the refuse hooper defect reported at the same time has no action taken after 3 months. If this happened in the estate managed by top performing town council, I don't want to know how bad other estates are.

The report is a waste of money.


Singapore Investments said...

It would be good if they institute a Happiness index for each town council.

michael said...

Good article. Very reasonable. The ball is in PAP ruling party's court now.

Everlearning said...

One thing came into my mind was that there was lack of sensitivity in our society.

Whether you belong to PAP or the opposition party, both must work together for the welfare of the citizens at all consituency.

Anonymous said...

Everlearning, please understand concepts like accountability, responsibility and plain simple logic.

Who are the ones working for the people and who are the ones enriching themselves and screwing the people? The PAP or the Opposition?

Everlearning said...

To Anonymous 10:22AM

You might have misconstrued my point I wished to emphasize.

To me it is pointless the report highlighted the ratings given to the PAP consituencies as superior.

I believe the non-PAP constiuencies did well on the basis that they are often being neglected in some ways: be it on priorities or on financial terms.

C H Yak said...

Hi Everlearning,

How do you explain the PM's statement during Obama's campaign time...CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE...CHANGE TO WHAT...for Singapore CHANGE should only come from within the ruling party PAP ... No need opposition etc.???

Anonymous said...

I have an observation to share.
Each time when an MP come to visit the block,this particular block will have a wash down and sometimes with a layer of new coat of paint on the void deck.Why?
Worst will be if a Minister would come for an event,more efforts will be spend to clean up a bigger area.Is this also happen in your area,pls share with us and we can go and ask our MPs.

Jurong GRC

Everlearning said...

To C H Yak

I cannot explain the PM's statement because I am not the PM.
Sorry to disappoint you.

Talking about CHANGE... CHANGE TO WHAT... LuckyTan blogs alot of many pertinent issues and challenges in our society and he might be the person you can engage further with your topic.

Anonymous said...

When Shanmugam visited my estate, all the ground floor area had been given one week in advance cleaning exercise, including new paint to the wall at eye level, water jet cleaning for floor tile every two days, cleaner worked harder & more frequent and no rubbish seen near refuse collection point whole day.

I am just sick of it because everything was back to normal after that Sunday afternoon.


C H Yak said...

Hi Everlearning,

"Whether you belong to PAP or the opposition party, both must work together for the welfare of the citizens at all consituency."

You should standby your earlier statement, not for Lucky Tan to defend your own statement.

As you said, "I cannot explain the PM's statement because I am not the PM." why ask Lucky Tan...He is not Everlearning, you are.

Everlearning said...

To C H Yak

I recommend LuckyTan's blog is because his articles show his maturity in thoughts and arguments.
Most of all, he speaks what is best for our folks in general.

Do not get me wrong for directing you to Lucky to defend myself.

As far as I am concerned I don't mind having PAP or non-PAP leaders as long as they are truthful and thoughtful; and have a rightful mind to guide and lead the people to be wholesome in all manners of lives.

CHANGE ... to me is to change for the better in heart, soul and mind. Our human race has degenerated into pursuing wealth- and not well-being on this eroding earth. Even our leaders compromise and afraid to lose wealth and apparently they will sow what they reap as the years go by. Whether you see it or not, we are all accountable to our doings for better or for worse.

I would not want to see Singapore goes downhill, neither prospers of ill-gotten monetary.

We have one life to live and the choice is yours. Be courageous to stand up to choose to do good, all leaders, not just to benefit some but all people at large.

Anonymous said...

Last year end, our home had some insects/fleas which bit my mum & her arms swell. When my brother approached the TC/CC to ask them to look into it & probably spray insecticide as the commercial ones we bought were not able to get rid of the insects, their reply was that they are unable to help & if my mum condition worsens just send her to hospital. Luckily, the insects/fleas left our house after a few months & my mum arms are able to recover now after seeing the doctor & taking some medicine at NUH. I had no idea what purposes our TC/CC serves for our neighbourhood or community. Do we really need them? What exactly is their business for investing so much money into structured products?

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