Sunday, June 20, 2010

Working from home

Here are some tips of working from home, and setting up a home office.

My observation
An alternative is to work in a low cost office near your home. I rented a low cost office at an industrial park near my home. I employ a few persons who live nearby to work for me in I.T. development and administrative work. Working near home has most of the covenience of working from home.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips.

As more people are out of work, probably more people will set up home office.

Anonymous said...

I work from home so it is even cheaper than a low cost office but then it is possible because i am a one man show.

huang hw said...

If you plan to set up an office in an industrial park, you may want to be forewarned of some pitfalls I've experienced. Be prepared to endure maddening noise from metal-stamping machines and also nauseating or toxic fumes from your neighbors.

If you have a problem, it would be difficult to get anyone to take action. The landlord is only interested in collecting rent and government agencies like NEA or MOM will put in a lot of effort; not to solve the problem but to wayang and tai-chi you.

First world costs and third world standards.

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