Saturday, December 17, 2011

Issues faced by Open Net company

I read in the newspapers that IDA is reviewing the performance standard of Open Net - due to delays and other customer issues. Do you have experience with the installation of Open Net at your home? Was it a good or bad experience?

In my case, I was quite confused with their documentation and procedures, and could not get through to their hotline. I believe that their cumbersome procedures and customer handling contributed to what is already a logistic challenge. Please share your views on this matter - so that I can write to the board of Open Net with some suggestions on how they can handle the challenge better in the future.


vinz said...

They canceled the installation due to president election and just ignored my request/email to arrange another appointment.

Tan Choon Hong said...

I was fortunate in my experience with Open Net. In the first attempt by their contractor, they tried to pull the optical cable through the old phone conduit, but was unsuccessful due to some obstruction. The followup action was via an external trunking following a path requested by me. The contractors follow instructions, were fast and professional, and did some work beyond the call of duty. I am one satisfied customer. However, I have not yet activated the installation as there is nothing to tempt me to upgrade from standard broadband.

If you are forced to follow the external trunking route, do plan ahead, read up the posts online, watch the relevant YouTube videos, so you can get the best result possible.

DareToAct said...

My first contact with Opennet people was Nov 2010. As my underground cable was cement-in by the contractor who built my house, I told them I was opened to do surface trunking. They said they will contact me in 2 weeks time. I received a call last week -- one year and one month later.

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