Monday, July 23, 2012


The practice of cronyism in the West is worse than in Asia, according to this article. It is a hypocrisy that those who preach governance are guilty of the malpractice. Wonder if this also applies to Singapore?


Anonymous said...

In order to double confirm the integrity of our Singapore system;
Everybody should declare their political party membership status in their employment records.
Including committee members and board members of NGOs, societies and associations and the like.

yujuan said...

Anyone here believes that the PAP grassroots giving their precious time to work freely in the RCs and community Clubs, does it out of community spirit.
Time is a very precious commodity in materialistic Singapore, time better spent making more money to cope with inflation or spent with family, why would one "waste his time" here.
Copying TCH, "What do you think?".
Take the YOG, many of the staff recruited are retired armymen or civil servants, outside people dun get the jobs, is this "Cronyism".

Anonymous said...

Independant Directors of SGX listed corporation - who are they?

Ex-ministers, ex-civil servants!

Anonymous said...

I'm always curious about this job;
"Independent director".

Independent of what?

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