Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Lemon Law and Services

Mr Lee attended a preview for a Forex Training Course. He signed a voucher to charge $4,000 plus to his credit card. He changed his mind and did not attend the course. The trainer charged his credit card and the bank pressured Mr Lee to make the installment payment with interest. Can Mr Lee get off using the "Lemon Law"?


anonymous said...

Why don't you get Mr. Lee to join FISCA as a member and learn how to invest to earn back the lost money? Instead of wasting time on spilled milk, work on building up the cash cow. I am sure FISCA has many ways to help consumers like Mr. Lee earn more than $4,000.

zhummmeng said...

Yes, FISCA can help him with investing in safe regulated investment products. But you can't let the cheat get away with the money. The product hasn't been delivered to Mr. Lee why charged him? or Mr. Lee hasn't taken delivery of the product yet he should not be charged.

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