Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Reflect on the issue of PRC bus drivers

Mr. Feed gives his views about the issue of the PRC bus drivers


TQC said...

Wonder whether the PRC driver that has been charged and sentenced had ever been offered legal aid since he was not represented by a lawyer. I don't see how justice was served in a court between a vunerable and probably ill informed individual like him and the machinery of a large corporation & govt. A very sorry episode about Singapore.

yujuan said...

Quote from "redbean",

"This is winning a battle and
losing the war."

There is an old Chinese saying,
"A Gentleman with revenge in
mind, waiting ten years is not
too long a time."

Why smash the ricebowls of 29 foreign drivers, who were asking for fairness and compassion, with
SMRT HR personnel retorting sarcastically at a meeting,
"You can resign and join SBS."

It would do Singapore good, if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lie low and be less gay kiang, just stop commenting on the highly sensitive Spratly Islands and Diao Yu Islands in the South China Seas.
China dun welcome any comments from Singapore.

Tan Choon Hong said...

While many netizens express sympathy for the plight of the PRC drivers, others are more concerned with their own comfort to spare a thought for the suffering and deprivation that these drivers endure in helping provide us the service we take for granted. Their cattle-class accommodation, low pay and discriminatory terms of service have been highlighted since their strike. Coming from the land of a bloody peasant revolution, the Chinamen are hardwired to agitate against any form of oppression, whether from corrupt district party chiefs or unscrupulous bosses. Their revolution has not fully delivered on its promise, their class struggle is on-going as millions are still mired in poverty. Having their grievances rebuffed by SMRT management, they resort to what they do as a conditioned reflex – rally the comrades and hit back. Companies that think they can exploit cheap human resources had better wake up because the PRC worker still thinks in revolutionary terms, as in their leader’s call to action on Weibo that the workers have “awakened.”

Kooli said...

'..the PRC worker still thinks in revolutionary terms..' (11:50PM)

Essence of PRC (1949) education & culture - Marxism & Maoism.

They believe capitalism is a strategy not an end. The end is the communist nation.


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