Saturday, December 08, 2012

Using emotion in relationship

Singapore is an unemotional people. Read the views by Seah Cheang Nee.


yujuan said...

The German study of "Emotion" by
Seah is the clue why Singaporeans are the least emotional.
Outwardly, the serious straight faced Germans are just that, but when provoked, they launched into a lively emotional outburst without restrain.
The Singaporean is politically conditioned over the decades to suppress his emotions, lest he utters the wrong words and get thrashed or threatened by the Authorities to just mind our own business.
All boils down to freedom of speech, when the time is ripe, we will be as emotional and lively as other peoples.
Think Catherine Lim, and how Ex PM Goh pushed her back behind the line
when she wrote an unsavoury
article about his Govt.
So the only emotional comfort we could grasp at - well, make lots of money to fill up the emotionless hole.

michael13 said...

The cost of living is too high for Singaporeans to be emotional. Singaporeans are not happy with the current PAP government and its performance. The ordinary Singaporeans do not believe that their long-term best interest are being well taken care. Lack of press freedom is another factor contributing to emotional unhappiness. Loss of trust and confidence in the government is fatal in building a healthy relatonship especially for a tiny nation without natural resources like Singapore.

Xianlong said...

Before the emotionless survey by Gallup, SG already has among the most no. of 'bochup' workers in the world again polled by Gallup.

Earlier this year, there's a survey that sinkies has the 2nd lowest job satisfaction in the world.

So is not surprising that:

'Bochup' + Zombie workers = Emotionaless

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