Sunday, December 02, 2012

Repatriation of SMRT bus drivers

29 bus drivers, who participated in the illegal strike are being repatriated. They will get their pro-rata bonus and the cost of passage will be borne by their employee. This is a good solution to the dispute.

Five instigators will be charged in court for breaking the law. Read the views of Mr. Feed here:

It is sad that they will be made an example and take the rap, in accordance with the saying,  "kill the chicken to frighten the monkey". What an unjust society.

SMRT will have to take measures to address the concerns of the remaining workers and improve their wages and living conditions.


yujuan said...

Think Mr. Tan has not grasped the real meaning of Chinese proverb.
To kill a chicken to warn the monkey is to threaten the powerful Head to stop whatever he had done, else he would end up same way as his underling.
In the case of the SMRT strikes, both the 5 heads and the 29 underlings are punished at the same time. This is not the ideal solution. Dun agree the 29 got sacked. Why still use the sledgehammer as before. Not talking about our Govt trying to salvage loss of face for the first strike in 26 years, we are talking about the Chinese Govt loss of face also.
As for the SMRT Head, who went on leave after only 2 months on the job, and his bungling, fumbling HR underlings, they go scot free? For the Chinese Govt, this is not justice.

Kin Lian Tan said...

This is to frighten other foreign workers from engaging in an illegal strike. I got the meaning correct!

yujuan said...

Yes, in a way you've got the meaning correct, should I step on your dignity, my apologies.
Point here, no need to use a big sledgehammer to warn other potential monkey see monkey do trouble makers, both foreign and local.
As an objective bystander citizen, dun like Govt treating these PRC drivers this way.
It's overkill out of paranoia and wounded pride, and may damage relations with the Chinese Govt, with the ever incompetent SMRT Management presently getting off scot free.
Justice not only have to be done, it must be seen to be done, in a fair manner. Punishing the 5 'Monkeys' is more than good enough.

Kooli said...

On 16 Nov, my wife and me took a bus at Woodland Check Point (next to Taxi Stand). Immediately we have a seat, we found passenger are boarding but bus driver move his vehicle before closing door.

After 2 Bus Stop, the bus driver did not stop to take passenger. By chance, traffic light turn Red and the bus brake suddenly. The Malaysian tourist chased behind the bus till traffic light ! Bus driver open door and tell him to take another bus.

I had feedback the case to SMRT BEFORE strike.

After 2nd day strike, management-labour relations have badly damaged. The 29 drivers must be very stressful and in bad mood.


Kooli said...

My brother-in-law is a taxi driver for about 20 years. While driving, he fall sick and hospitalised at TTSH.

He had parked his taxi at TTSH car park. Upon diagnosis, doctor recommend him to stop driving. To prevent him from future driving, TTSH inform the taxi operator to tow away the vehicle. His contract with the taxi operator is terminated immediately.

He lost he job until today.

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