Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Full time MP

I welcome the decision of the Workers Party to field Lee Li Lian as their candidate. It is refreshing to see candidates come from the working class to balance against the elites, scholars and generals that are usually recruited by the Peoples Action Party. 

It is also nice to see that loyalty is recognized in the Workers Party and is considered to be just as important as academic qualifications. 

If Ms Lee is elected, the residents of Punggol East is likely to get a full time MP. This would be much better than a MP who can only spend a small fraction of his time in the constituency.

To serve the needs of the residents in the constituency, it is important for MPs to be full time. I hope that the voters will make their choice clearly heard that they prefer a MP who can be full time.

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Xianlong said...

There is no need for more elites, scholars given the 'downhill ride' journey driven by the current party. We don't need their smarty brains.

We now have 'crowdsourcing' which Lee Lian can tap on. She can tap on many smart ordinary citizens for inputs.

Wikipedia is considered remarkably good given it relies on 'crowdsourcing' from unknowns to writes its encylopedia.

Hence there is no need for more elites & scholars.

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