Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Share a Taxi

I have printed this sign on a card board. I will use it to look for someone to share a taxi to Ang Mo Kio. I will try it where there is a taxi queue, e.g. at the airport. You can also use the sign to write in your destination.


Patrick Choe said...

Very good idea.

Xianlong said...

Yeah, there got to be a share a taxi movement in S'pore.

I remember that people share cabs when i was a small kid.

Save $$$ & save environment for future generations.

There ought to be a cutdown in individual consumption & more on community sharing. There is no need to grow GDP at all costs like cancer as practised by PAP which i find the approach sickening.

-super typhoon Bopha
- superstorm sandy
- Hottest on record: 2012 was America's warmest

- Bushfires in AU & Sydney 42°C

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