Sunday, January 13, 2013

Will it be a credible win for the PAP?

My preference is for the leaders of the Workers Party to meet with the leaders of the Singapore Democratic Party and for both parties to come to an understanding of collaboration in future elections, and that the SDP should withdraw from the Punggol East by-election. 

If this outcome does not materialize, and there is strong indication that this will be the case, we are likely to see a 3 or 4 corner fight. In this scenario, most people expect the Peoples Action Party to "win" the by-election.

Suppose the PAP win with 40% (or less) of the votes and the remaining 60% goes to the other three parties, how credible is this "win" ? Does it really matter whether the PAP win one more seat, when they already have 80 seats out of 87 seats?

A vote below 40% will bring a "terrifying message" for the PAP. It will tell them the voting pattern for the next general election.

Some people will draw a parallel between this by-election and the Presidential Election in 2011. If they are circumspect, they will recall that in June 2011, I was the only non-PAP candidate that offered to stand.At that time, I had the support of the non-PAP parties.  If I did not, there was a risk that the election would have been another walkover.

The situation changed when Tan Jee Say entered the fray, with the unofficial support of the SDP. We are now seeing a repeat of that event in this by-election. 

Some people questioned why I did not withdraw from the 4 corner fight. This is a separate matter that I will talk about on another occasion in the future.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, I agree with Mr Tan's Assessment.
Even in a multi-corner contest, which the PAP will likely win, the % will be pathetic.

We can only wait for Nomination Day, to see if all the other opposition parties,beside WP are just posturing for exposure or are they really "dumb" to fall into the PAP trap. They should heed Mr Chiam wise words.

yujuan said...

Amazing to see the Govt still think Singaporeans are daft, all those property cooling off measures are slated to be announced in the Feb Budget D Day, but are hurriedly brought forward to appease Punggol SMC residents for the BE on 29th Feb.
The North and Northeast are known to have a young population profile, with many young families aspiring to own their first property.
"Yes, we brought out these measures forward to tell voters we heard their concerns, and if we are back to serve you, we could give out even more goodies."
Honesty could speak a thousand words, and which people value most.

yujuan said...

Ever watch CIA of America scheme to trap their prey to be their unwitting accomplice in an elaborate conspiracy.
Well, could apply it to Opposition SDP in Singapore.
WP may have their own reasons to ignore SDP, it's already confirmed there are witting moles planted within their Party during the Hougang BE.
As for SDA Desmond, whatever armour he puts on, it's plain for all to see his role on the stage, i.e. to stir muddy waters.
It's OK for WP to try its luck in Punggol, if this Party wins, then champagne bottle could be uncorked, if it loses, no big deal, and WP still walk away proudly with its head still on. As for SDP, if it loses by a big margin, the Party is finished come GE 2016, and we are beginning to warm up cosy with a born again SDP recently. With one stroke, they are back to its former shape. What a pity.
You dun go to war where there is a slim margin of winning, it's like committing suicide. Chee Soon Juan must get his Taiwanese wife to teach him the Sunzi Bing Fa on how to go to war. Now people are casting doubts on him again, precisely what role he's playing on the Punggol stage.

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