Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review restrictions on campaign activities

There are some discussions on whether the Straits Times had breached the election law by publishing the results of a survey after the writ of election had been issued. 

Questions were also raised on whether the candidates for the various political parties, including the Peoples Action Party, had breached the law by engaging in a campaign before the Nomination Day.

Due to these questions and uncertainties, one should ask, "Is the election law flawed in the first place? "

Why are we placing so much restriction for a potential candidate to make their views known to the voters? If the voters are to make the right choice, we should give more time and avenue for them to know the candidates.

I can see a scenario where unfettered campaigning can cause a public nuisance and disorder. There are existing laws that can deal with these matters, not only for nuisance caused by campaigning, but also for marketing and other commercial activities. Let these laws on public order deal with the potential risk.

Let us remove the restrictions on election campaigning and publishing of survey results.

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