Friday, January 18, 2013

Health care in South Korea

South Korea has a better health care system

Here are some good features of a health care system:

a) The state should make basic health care available at affordable rates, through economy of scale and subsidy and provide adequate resources to meet the demand
b) Those who can afford private care can go outside of the state system and pay on their own or through insurance
c) Each person only needs to have one insurance plan to cover their health care needs, instead of the complicated and fragmented system that is adopted in Singapore.

Here is an excellent description of the health care system in Korea. It is much better than the fragmented system in Singapore

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yujuan said...

SDP's health care plan is quite impressive, however, we could only daydream there would significant changes, not in our life time.
Maybe, who knows, a regime change could make our dreams into reality faster. Then we dun have to wipe out our life savings to foot expensive medical costs to combat life threatening diseases.

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