Thursday, January 17, 2013

Unethical salesman

Dear Mr Tan,
I wrote this article to Voices but was not published. Perhaps, you can post it up in your blog.

In recent times, when one often come across many advertisements about sales offers,  it is imperative that one has to be more discerning about claims made by some irresponsible salesman.

I am speaking from my personal experience at IMM Gain City. On 24 Dec 2012, I went there to place an order for system 3 non-inverter air-con. After getting some quotes, I then decided to place an order for Brand A.

However, I was persuaded to purchase Brand B instead. This  salesman told me that" he has so far received no complaints from customers ". Despite my comments that I have had the positive experiences of using Brand A before and that it is a trusted brand for many years, he told me that Brand A has become very unreliable in recent times. 

To entice me to buy Brand B, he at first offered me a discounted price of $2K. After speaking to my cousin over the phone, he then further offered me a price of $1980. The installation date was to be on 31 Dec 2012. 

On 26 Dec 2012, I called him to check on some negative feedback I have received from other users about Brand B remote system being problematic. He told me specifically that there is no such problem. However, he subsequently called me up several times asking me to purchase further extended warranty at additional cost. I did not take up the offer.

On 31 Dec 2012, the date of installation, I instructed my cousin (who was at the premise) to check with the installers about the quality and 
reliability of this Brand B model. She was told this is not a reliable brand. This reinstate my suspicion that this salesman has not been truthful and has, in fact mis-represented about the quality of both brands.

I am deeply disappointed with his lack of professionalism , responsibility and sincerity . He does not have the interest of the customers at heart as he has not accepted my earlier order for a Brand A and instead try to influence my decision with some unjustified claims which are even contradicted by the Gain City technicians who , I believe are more first-hand experienced in such products.

For many unsuspecting victims who are misled, like myself, there is indeed little recourse for customers and one can only suffer in silence .

Ben Phang

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T Lee said...

It is truly sad to hear such cases. This is not Ben's fault, as he was conned by the salesman.

Likewise, there as many salesman in other industries, be it financial/real estate/etc. who are unethical and misrepresent key information in order to make a sale.

And more often than not, it is extremely troublesome, and sometimes near impossible, to press a charge against them or the company as such info is sometimes not storaged, and the company would usually come to the defence of its employees so as to sustain its brand image.

Caveat emptor

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