Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adopt a sensible approach towards internet security

I recognize the risk of hacking and steps needs to be taken to minimize the risk. 

These steps should be decided with a balance between the risk and the inconvenience to the users. 

I find the steps taken in Singapore to be rather extreme, making the user experience to be quite terrible. 

We are not the only people that have to face the risk. Sites such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook also face the risk.

Do they implement Capcha? They found ways to handle the risk without causing inconvenience to their international users.
There are international websites for forex and future trading.

They do not need to implement the complicated security measures that are found in Singapore.

It is quite clear that the security people and the regulators in Singapore do not carry out a proper analysis of the risk and balance it with the added cost of implementing the measures.
They only know how to implement extreme measures using their approach of "do not take any risk".

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Xianlong said...

Recently the Shit Times removed Disqus as a discussion tool for its articles.

Many people no longer comment there & went to other socio political sites.

They can't stand the passionate folks debunking the propaganda.

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