Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where HDB went wrong

HDB as a public good should never have been marked to market. And like many things else, PAP has forgotten their original mission and engineered a regime of profiteering from its citizens.


Xianlong said...

They are bankrupt of ideas to make $$ from tourists so rely on captive locals for fleecing to fill its coffers. 30 years mortgage is very profitable for them.

-World cup prices most expensive in AsiaPac region.

-Water splashing festival copy from Thailand & got labeled as fake.

-Chingay morphed into pay to watch event. Even ocbc ride pack as many cyclists to max profits without adequate medical support.

Bai Hu said...

HDB = Highly Dangerous Buildings.
These PAP people have lost their mission in providing affordable housing for the citizens. Now everything is pegged against the property market and the flats have become obscenely overpriced out of reach of youngsters waiting to start families.

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