Saturday, April 19, 2014

Three families of the Illumati

Alex Axel assked:
You have spoken much about the bad incompetent policies of SG garmen. However this issue is actually global, as more and more people around the world have awaken from the tyranny and enslavement by their govt. Singaporeans are in fact very late into this awakening.

So it is not just some stupid pappies in SG garmen that seems out of touch with the reality on the ground. Probably you have heard something called the illuminati, the new world order. The three controlling families of these entities are so powerful they are controlling the govts of many countries, hence controlling many aspects of the entire human race.

What is your view on this?

I am not aware about the three families of the Illumati that is supposed to control the governments in many countries. Want to share which families?

But I am aware of one family that controls Singapore.


Xianlong said...

FamiLEE business is very profitable. Just have a big a local captive market when they can't compete overseas.

Is a reason why foreign aid to developing countries often fail. Why? Because it can extract tons of $$$ like famiLEE business style so why bother about reforming as part of the foreign aid package?

Bai Hu said...

North Korea Kim Jong Un's family?

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