Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Digital display to show the KM of bus stop

I have met with officials of the Land Transport Authority to explain the benefit of displaying the KM of each bus stop in the bus. 

I have just sent this article to them to explain my proposed system.

Do you think that my proposal is useful for commuters?


Bai Hu said...

Dear Mr. Tan. You are such a nice and caring person. On top of that, u are also a proactive one that took the initiative to voice out any societal problems. Thanks and keep it up.

Jeow Li Huan said...

No need to install anything. Just sit near the door and look at the ez link machine. The km is written there already.

in the US, drivers announce the station name via the speakers. It's even simpler than your "simple" system.

fairplay said...

Mr Tan,
I had the same idea as what you had. First I suggested using serial bus stop numbers. Later on when I observed that the card reader had the Km info, I suggested using the Km data instead. Both these had been feedback to the authorities through REACH but I received no reply at all except for the usual auto acknowledgments. The main difference between my suggestion of using the Km data is that it is already available and is to be displayed on the 'BUS STOPPING' display so that all can see it easily.
I appreciate your many practical suggestions on day to day real-life issues but sad to say, our authorities prefer to keep quiet instead rather than to acknowledge and give credit when due.

Kin Lian Tan said...

Hi Fairplay,
Please send email to Let us discuss this proposal in more detail offline.

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